GIS Inventory

NSGIC has temporarily suspended provision of the GIS Inventory website. We are currently setting our goals for additional support and participation commitments that would enable us to bring back a similar offering in the future.

The ability to efficiently find the most up-to-date GIS data is critical to GIS users and the field as a whole. NSGIC believes that this basic need is not currently being met at a national level by any platform or provider. Additionally, it is the opinion of NSGIC that the best solution for data stewards and users is likely an open platform that engages users and stewards alike in a two-way information exchange. This means integration with and across other related, complementary solutions at the local, state, federal, and commercial sectors.

NSGIC remains open to playing a role in that vision. Please contact Executive Director Molly Schar ([email protected]) with feedback and information about opportunities that fit with the strength of our organization.