Call for Content: 2019 Midyear Meeting

States of Success: Public Sector GIS Challenges & Solutions

For nearly 30 years, NSGIC has boosted national geospatial policy and provided a forum for best practices exchange and collaboration among states. 

We want to hear your perspective!

We are seeking abstracts for presentations for our Midyear Meeting - held in Louisville, KY from March 4 to 7. Abstracts are due on Friday, January, 11 at 9 am CST. Our audience includes state GIOs (and their equivalents), agency GIS coordinators, and other public sector GIS specialists; federal partners; and private sector collaborators.

Please note that all presenters, except by special invitation from NSGIC leadership, must register for the conference. Private sector organizations must contact Bronwyn Walls to secure attendance, presentation, and other sponsor benefits.

Topics for the 2019 Midyear Meeting

Call for content for NSGIC conferences is now tailored to the conference’s foci. For the 2019 Midyear Meeting, the Conference Committee has determined those to be:

  • Imagery (Mon. and Tues.)

  • Emergency Management (Tues.)

  • Data Acquisition & Sharing (Wed.)

  • Advocacy (Thurs.)

Additionally, limited sessions will include:

  • GIO Academy (by and for state GIOs and their equivalents; by invitation)

  • Geo-Enabled Elections (limited to Steering Group; by invitation)

  • Committee meetings

  • Birds of a Feather (more information)

  • Coastal Caucus

  • Innovations Showcase (by invitation)


Content should offer a range of perspectives, including:

  • State Success Stories

  • Private Industry Solutions

  • Challenges and Ideas

  • Collaborations

Types of Presentations

Traditional - 30 minutes - panel optional - time includes Q&A

Smolder - 15 minutes - panel optional - time includes Q&A

Ignite - 10 minutes - 20 slides that automatically advance every 30 seconds resulting in a fast and fun presentation (support provided by NSGIC staff; ideas here)

Other (by invitations and sponsor arrangements)


Submissions should be as complete as possible. Where it is not possible to include details now, please provide information on when the details will be possible and if there are any dependencies.

  • Organizer’s name

  • Organizer’s contact info

  • Membership status

    • Organizer and presenter(s) are NSGIC members

    • Organizer and presenter(s) are non-members in the public sector

    • Organizer and presenter(s) are NSGIC sponsors

    • Organizer and presenter(s) are not NSGIC sponsors, but in the private sector [note that we will contact them to confirm eligibility]

  • Topic [list four main options with “other” to fill in]

  • Presentation topic

  • Presentation perspective [list, with other]

  • Preference of type of presentation [list]

  • [Some kind of agreement that they will be available to present on the days as outlined above]

  • Presenter name(s)

  • Abstract: Up to 300 words

  • Any other considerations for the Conference Committee?

Submit HERE 

Abstract submissions are due January 7, 2019.

Questions / Information?
Contact Bridget Nolan, [email protected], 504-435-0173

Registration & Meeting Information

All presenters must register for the conference and make their own travel arrangements. Learn more about the meeting and registration HERE.