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Making Critical Connections

Geospatial Awareness and Advocacy

NSGIC promotes the efficient development and management of location-based information resources, and advocates for innovative, strategic use of these assets to advance the interests of states, tribes, regions, local governments and the nation.

For more than 25 years, NSGIC has boosted national geospatial policy and provided a forum for best practices exchange and collaboration. Our members lead the way in the creation of intelligent maps and databases that equip public and private leaders to make more informed and timely decisions.

NSGIC’s membership is comprised of senior state geographic information systems executives and coordinators, federal agency representatives, local government officials, private sector solutions providers, academic researchers and GIS colleagues at partner organizations. 

Top Geospatial Policy Issues

Saving Lives through 9-1-1 & Emergency Response

Geospatial for the Nation

Large Scale Disasters

Counting People: Elections Management, Redistricting and Census

Land and Infrastructure Management

Natural Resources Management

The Benefits of Membership

NSGIC’s vibrant community meets in person twice each year. These signature meetings are held in the fall (Annual Conference) and spring (Midyear Meeting) to bring together members, sponsors and partners to address issues and opportunities. Throughout the year, we leverage technology to work together remotely through active committees, community forums, surveys, publications, and peer-to-peer mentoring and outreach.

NSGIC represents the interests of the states through member-liaisons with more than two dozen agencies and partners. As a unified body, NSGIC serves as one voice in national geospatial policy development.

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Past President Bert Granberg shares his top three reasons for joining (and a bonus!):

Best Practices. “My single favorite reason for actively participating in NSGIC is the opportunity to see what great looks like,” says Granberg. “Most of what we’ve been able to accomplish with mapping technology for Utah has had its origins in an idea or program that was shared by another state through NSGIC’s midyear and annual meetings, through committees or professional networking with members and sponsoring organizations.”

Opportunity. “Stay on top of emerging opportunities that bring in funding and other resources and/or ensure that your state is accurately depicted in national (and world) mapping efforts,” he advises. “Over the years, leads gleaned from Utah’s NSGIC participation have brought millions in external funding to our state’s geospatial efforts and the geographic data depicting our natural and civil resources are greatly enhanced and more accessible as a result of pursuing partnerships with federal, private sector entities and others.”

Advocacy. “NSGIC is the premier organization for the development and voicing of smart geospatial guidance and policy,” says Granberg. “The important role that states play, positioned between local and federal levels and connected – through NSGIC – with leading geospatial companies in the private sector for a holistic perspective on our industry. Many state and national level geospatial initiatives got their start from a NSGIC committee, conference session or after-hours discussion.”

The people of NSGIC,” Granberg adds, with “smarts, teamwork and a desire to make a difference, are the substance and glue that make NSGIC work for members and the constituents of state-led geospatial efforts across the country!"

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