NSGIC promotes the efficient development and management of location-based information resources, and advocates for innovative, strategic use of these assets to advance the interests of states, tribes, regions, local governments and the nation.











“Smarts, teamwork and a desire to make a difference are the substance and glue that make NSGIC work for members and the constituents of state-led geospatial efforts across the country!" - Bert Granberg, NSGIC Past President


Top Geospatial Policy Issues

Saving Lives through 9-1-1 & Emergency Response

Geospatial for the Nation

Large Scale Disasters

Counting People: Elections Management, Redistricting and Census

Land and Infrastructure Management

Natural Resources Management

The Benefits of Membership

NSGIC’s vibrant community meets in person twice each year. These signature meetings are held in the fall (Annual Conference) and spring (Midyear Meeting) to bring together members, sponsors and partners to address issues and opportunities. Throughout the year, we leverage technology to work together remotely through active committees, community forums, surveys, publications, and peer-to-peer mentoring and outreach.

NSGIC represents the interests of the states through member-liaisons with more than two dozen agencies and partners. As a unified body, NSGIC serves as one voice in national geospatial policy development.

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