Related Addressing Documents

In the course of developing the White Paper, the Addressing Work Group developed or discovered other documents that may be of interest to people interested in address issues. These include:

A Master Address File for State and Local Government. (PDF Document) This 2006 URISA paper documents why the US Bureau of the Census is unable to share its Master Address File and calls on state and local government to develop their own.

Address Ranges in TIGER Products Explained. (PDF Document) Randy J. Fusaro, Geography Division, US Census Bureau, answers questions about the TIGER update cycle and cases where TIGER address ranges might not provide a robust basis for locating individual addresses. May 2007.

Statement of Need. (PDF Document) A more detailed list of reasons why we need good address data.

County Project. (Web Link) A free service of the US Postal Service providing annual review of addresses submitted by official address authorities. See example from the District of Columbia. (PDF Document)

The Value of Danish Address Data (2010)
. (Web Link) Danish data has been free since 2002. Study shows $18 million in annual social and economic benefits for a minimal cost. For the US, a nation 56 times larger, the benefits could over $1 Billion annually.

United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard. (Web Link) Approved by the FGDC 2011.