Publications by NSGIC

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A National Address Point Database Will Improve Government Services (PDF Document - 5/19/14)

Addressing Coordination Issues (PDF Document - 3/22/10)

Address Points for the Nation (PDF Document - 5/14/13)
Contrasting the functions of Address Points and Parcel Maps

Economic Studies for GIS Operations (PDF Document - 11/07/13)

Justifying the Cost of Authoritative Imagery (PDF Document - 10/26/12)

Membership Benefits Brochure (PDF Document - 7/03/14)

2015 NSGIC Advocacy Agenda (PDF Document - 1/2/15)

NSGIC Data Sharing Guidelines (PDF Document - 12/2/11)

NSGIC Federal Coordination Factors (PDF Document - May 2008)

NSGIC For the Nation Initiative Criteria (PDF Document - 3/2/07)

NG 9-1-1 Top Ten List for State Coordinators (PDF Document - 8/18/11)

Preparing for Disasters (PDF Document - 7/10/13)

Report of Stakeholder Engagement on Four Geospatial Issues with National Importance (PDF Document - 04/01/14)

Return on Investment for Attending NSGIC Meetings (PDF Document - 1/2/15)

State Perspectives on Licensing Geospatial Data (PDF Document - 4/21/15)

Strategic Framework for the NSDI (PDF Document - 05/01/09)

Working Smarter Together for NG 9-1-1 (PDF Document - 8/12/11)