Leland Pierce

Leland Pierce comes to NSGIC in a rather roundabout fashion. He was a biologist who added GIT to his skill set, landing him a position with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish as their GIS administrator. Then he returned to being a biologist, currently serving as a coordinator of terrestrial species recovery programs. Which places him in constant contact with all walks of life through communication, collaboration and education-and he uses his GIT skills more than ever. Soon after joining the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in late 2003, Leland became an active member of the (then) New Mexico Geographic Information Systems Advisory Committee. In 2005, he served as the chairman of the committee, now the New Mexico Geospatial Advisory Committee (GAC), and later served as the representative for the GAC to NSGIC. He is also a member of the GIT professional's organization, New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC), joining the NMGIC Board of Directors in 2008 and serving as president in 2009 and vice-president in 2010 and 2011. Through these associations he has been heavily involved in the development of the New Mexico Geospatial Strategic Plan, completed in 2007 and revised in 2008, which has led to the creation of a Broadband Manager's position that also serves as the state Geospatial Manager. After the NM Geospatial Manager, Gar Clarke, assumed the position of representative to NSGIC, Leland shifted his focus to NSGIC itself, helping to develop the Geospatial Maturity Assessment and serving as co-chair of the Membership Committee.

Leland remains keenly interested in bringing stakeholders together to foster the common good, whatever the industry involved, and sees geospatial technology as a magnificent program for facilitating this. This pertains not only to the technology itself but the people that make use of it as well. However, to make the fullest use of the power of GIT, we must understand that collaboration cuts across all boundaries, local up through state and private on to the federal level; to make that work will require the brightest of minds working diligently on all those niggling details in order to go from grand intention to good deed. This is where NSGIC is so vital.

Leland lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico (south of Santa Fe by 60 miles or so). He is an avid writer and painter, gets out in the wilds as often as possible and most certainly watches too many sports. As a native of New Mexico he's been known to talk a little smack on the state of Texas every now and again.