Bert Granberg

Bert Granberg is currently the manager of Utah's State Geographic Information Database (SGID) at the Automated Geographic Reference Center where he has managed projects related to database development, integrative data solutions, and internet mapping technologies since 2001. AGRC is the state-level hub of GIS activity in Utah and works as an agency to facilitate an appropriate and effective enterprise-wide implementation of geospatial technologies within the state.

Bert is actively involved with the Utah Geographic Information Council (UGIC) as a past board member and helped to design an facilitate the Utah GIS Portal web site ( which integrates the information resources of UGIC, AGRC, Utah's state-level GIS Advisory Committee, and Utah's GIS data clearinghouse. He continues to be interested in the use of emerging technologies to expand and better organize the geospatially-interested community.

Prior to his time at AGRC, Bert worked for and later directed the University of Utah Department of Geography's DIGIT Lab, while earning his MS in Geography (2000) with a concentration in GIS-T. Bert lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and daughter and enjoys backcountry skiing, cycling, and other adventure.