Geospatial Web Services Work Group


Characterize state activities and identify policy and technical issues related to online services to provide information and advice to NSGIC members on working within the ArcGIS Online, Geospatial Platform and other frameworks.

Work Group Charter

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Work Group Roster

Jacob Mundt, Co-Chair (WY)
Bert Granberg, Co-Chair (UT)

Alyssum Pohl (NSGIC)
Amy Esnard (OR)
Andy Rowan (NJ)
Arthur Buto (HI)
Barney Krucoff (MD)
Bill Johnson (NY)
Bill Burgess (NSGIC)
Bob Nutsch (ND)
Chris Cialek (MN)
Dan Ross (MN)
Erik Endurlat (OR)
Erik Nelson (SD)
Ivan Weichert (KS)
Jim Scott (TX)
Joe Sewash (NC)
Jon Paoli (IN)
Joy Paulus (WA)
Kenny Miller (MD)
Nathan Watermeier(NE)
Phillip Henderson (AL)
Phil Worrall (IN)
Richard Butgereit (FL)
Tim De Troye (SC)
Tony Spicci (MO)

Non-NSGIC members may be invited to assist the WG as needed.

Routine Meeting Schedule

Quarterly Teleconferences


2012 States Geospatial Web Services Survey Results



Meeting Minutes

January, 2013 (pending approval)