Geospatial Preparedness Committee


Promote the effective use of geospatial coordination and support within state emergency management, homeland security, and military affairs offices that result in sound decision making.

Committee Charter

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Committee Roster

Richard Butgereit, Co-Chair (FL)
Jon Paoli, Co-Chair (IA)
Mark Alexander, Air National Guard
Steve Alness, NGA
Kimberly Anness, KY
Tammy Barbour, DHS
Valerie Beaudin, Census
Bob Bewley, USGS
Jeff Booth, DHS
Debbie Briedwell, MO
Bill Burgess, NSGIC
Gar Clarke, NM
Michael Clements, DHS
Charles Cobb, National Guard Bureau
Tom Connolly, USGS
Brian Cullis, Air National Guard
Learon Dalby, Sanborn Corporation
Chris Darden, DHS
Stu Davis, OH
Kathy DeMarco, NSGIC
Tim De Troye, SC
Chris Diller, WI
Kurt Donaldson, WV
Amy Esnard, Multnomah County, OR
Jon Gottsegen, CO
Rich Grady, Applied Geographics
Brien Green, Bentley Systems
Tim Haithcoat, MO
Steve Hammond, USGS
Rebecca Harned, NAPSG
Stevie Henry, VI
Charlie Hickman, USGS
Robin Hoban, Booz Allen Hamilton
John Hoshal, MN
Bill Johnson, NY
Craig Johnson, LA
Ted Koch, WI Retired
Roger Koelpin, IN
Ken Miller, MD
Peter O'Rourke, NAPSG
Bruce Oswald, NSGIC
Michael Ouimet, Booz Allen Hamilton
Jim Scott, TX
Justin Sherin, Booz Allen Hamilton
Jeff Smith, OH
Jim Sparks, IN
Jim Steil, MS
Eric Swanson, MI
Mike Vanhook, AL
Dick Vraga, USGS
Brian Ward, Critigen
Stacey White, PA
Phil Worrall, IN
Demetrio Zourarakis, KY

Routine Meeting Schedule

Second Friday of each month at 11:00 am Eastern Time.


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