Geospatial Maturity Assessment (GMA)

What is the GMA?

It is a common, credible baseline assessment methodology to routinely and continuously monitor and validate statewide geospatial capabilities. Each state was asked to complete eighty three (83) detailed questions that characterize their geospatial programs.

Accessing the GMA Results

The information collected through the GMA may be viewed, filtered and downloaded at the following link:

Access the 2011 Geospatial Maturity Assessment Results Here

GMA History & Contributors

The GMA strawman was initially developed between TX and GA in 2007/2008 (Mike Ouimet as TX GIO and the Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee, Danielle Ayan, Chair). Eric McRae (University of GA), long-standing NSGIC member and GA delegate was one of the idea initiators.

Mike Ouimet & Danielle Ayan fleshed out the GMA strawman (2007/2008) and presented it to others for review/improvement including the following:

Former 2-term Governor of Wyoming, Jim Geringer | Pat Cummens, ESRI | Dr. Steven French, Georgia Institute of Technology | Carl Anderson, formerly with Fulton County, GA | Elaine Hallisey, Division of Public Health, Georgia Department of Human Resources | Friends and members of the Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee (GISCC) | NSGIC 2007 Members and Executives including William Burgess, Zsolt Nagy, Shelby Johnson, Cy Smith, Ed Arabas, Jon Gottsegen | Robert Woodruff and Charlie Sasser of the Georgia Technology Authority | Bruce Oswald, Sewell & Associates

The result of this input yielded the Beta GMA. This is where the NSGIC GMA Work Group formed (2009) and started contributing. This GMA WG was Co-Chaired by Ed Arabas (OR), Mike Ouimet (Booz Allen Hamilton) and Danielle Ayan (GA), included 34 members (NSGIC and non-NSGIC) and worked to develop the GMA from Beta to the current version (Charter and Members: Key contributors include the GMA WG leads, Mike Ouimet (BAH) and Ed Arabas (OR) and the following:

Funding by Ivan B. DeLoatch and input/oversight from Milo Robinson of the Department of Interior (DOI) United States Geological Survey (USGS) Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) | Wendy-Blake Coleman, EPA and FGDC Geo Line of Business Lifecycle Management Workgroup | Chris Semerjian, et. al, The National Geospatial Technology Center | Boice Tomlin of Run Skip LLC | Rich Clark, formerly of the University of GA | Marlit Hayslett and Kim Moon of GTRI's Office of Policy And Research (OPAR) | Eric Abrams, IA | Hilary Perkins and Greg Babinski of URISA International | David Arbeit, MN | Will Craig, MN | Gail Ewart, ID | Dennis Goreham, NSGIC NGAC Liaison (facilitated a 2010 GMA presentation to NGAC) | Bert Granberg, UT | Leland Pierce, NM | Curtis Pulford, WI | Mike Terner, Applied Geographics | Bill Burgess, NSGIC Washington Liaison