Timothy M. De Troye, PhD, GISP

Dr. Timothy M. De Troye, GISP has served as South Carolina's first State GIS Coordinator for over two years. He helps to coordinate GIS activities between state agencies, working on opportunities for collaboration, integration of GIS in new programs, and reduction in duplication of efforts across agency boundaries. In addition, during this time he has worked to build bridges between state and local government, thereby facilitating the advancement of South Carolina's SSDI both through data collection and dissemination. In his first year he was awarded a CAP grant which was used to hold multiple outreach sessions with local government organizations which provided feedback for the development of a GIS strategic plan for the state. This plan is currently driving spatial activities forward for South Carolina.
Other recent activities include working on a spatial data accuracy improvement program with state and local government, as well as assisting in the writing of a data policy development guide finished earlier this fall. Tim was also named as one of the keynote speakers in South Carolina's 2010 state GIS conference.

Prior to becoming SC's State GIS Coordinator, for seven years Tim worked in the private sector throughout the southeast with law enforcement and public safety, focusing on GIS analysis. As Product Manager, he fostered and expanded the business for the associated vertical markets in crime mapping and analysis. During this time, he co-wrote an application that received the Technology Integration Award from ESRI. In addition, he was an award-winning ESRI authorized instructor and worked with the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Center, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, as well as state and local government organizations.

Before becoming involved with law enforcement, Tim was GIS Supervisor for Fluor Daniel and focused on economic development and corporate site selection, working almost exclusively with Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies. Industry clients ranged from aeronautics to telecommunications and transportation.

Tim received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He received both his Masters of the Environment degree and his Ph.D. in Geography with a focus on GIS techniques from the University of South Carolina.