Call for Content: NSGIC 2014 Annual Conference

Please consider submitting an abstract for the 2014 Annual Conference program. There are three different types of presentations at the NSGIC Annual:

1. Ignite Session – an Ignite Session consists of 4 to 7 presenters, each giving a seven-minute presentation. Time for questions/answers is allocated after all the presentations are complete. Presentations cannot take more than 7 minutes each and should have no more than 20 slides each.

2. Panel Discussion – a Panel discussion consists of 2 or more speakers that give a short introduction to a topic, followed by a vigorous discussion on the topic.

3. Traditional Presentation – A traditional presentation is a 15 to 30 minute presentation on a single theme. Speakers are typically grouped together in a 90 or 120 minute slot on the agenda.

Please note that we will again have breakout sessions. Your presentation could be folded into one of them.

The Annual Conference focuses on National initiatives and programs of importance to the states. The focused content items for this year’s conference include (but are not limited to):

Transportation – Business Planning, Data Modelling, How should a national file be built and by whom
Addresses – How are we going to create a National Address/Point database working with locals and federal partners
FirstNet/Broadband – How do we build on the success of this model and what still needs to be done
NSDI – EFFECTIVE mechanisms for Fed/State/Local coordination, national data sharing – what will enable us to be more effective and efficient
Emergency Management Systems/Activities/Response
Coastal Issues
– flooding, coastal management
Privacy Issues – What are the emerging issues and Legislative efforts surrounding privacy, UASs, geolocational tracking, etc.

Presentations from other content areas are welcome.

When submitting a presentation, please include the following: Presenter’s name, contact info (email, cell phone) title, organization, presentation title and a brief 2 – 3 sentence abstract. Please remember to list the presentation type (ignite, panel, traditional). Remember, NSGIC does not pay for travel and all presenters are expected to register for the conference. Please send your submissions to the Conference Chair by close of business May 30, 2014.

Tony Spicci, Conference Chair
573.815.7901 x3614