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Portland students work with local law enforcement to map crime

Another good example of benefits to citizens gained through the use of GIS:

New app for 911

A developer created an app that sends location info directly to your local dispatch – I want to find out more about it!

911 App to Curtail Overuse

Long Beach worked with Code For America to develop this app that helps to identify addresses from which 911 calls are most frequently made, making response more efficient and targeted.  They indicate interest in being used in other cities.

Smart Markers

This is a very interesting article that describes an excellent idea to make older technology more useful and interoperable with new tech.

How well do you know the American landscape?

This is an intriguing quiz…I got 7/7.

GIS in new territory?

The image in the article says it all:

Has spring sprung?

This is certainly pertinent this time of year!

Financial Transparency of States

How does your state rank in its financial transparency to taxpayers?  Find out through this map:

What do people in your state research the cost of?

This is too good not to share.  The map here shows the most common Google autocomplete for the question, ‘How much does ** cost?’.

Mapping Childhood Trauma

This article is highlights the benefit of using GIS to help target HHS programs and initiatives.

UN Resolution on Geospatial

The UN passed its first resolution regarding geospatial data:

Civic Hackers Improve on MTA Bus Route app

This is timely given our discussions at the mid-year conference on open data and transportation data.

Chrome mapping experiments

While this type of mapping may not be very useful for us at a state level, it is really cool how they’re visualizing the variety of datasets.  My favorite is the world elevation map.

UAV flown over Auschwitz

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, this video is pretty compelling.

US Population Trends

I love these maps that change through time!  This is a neat application showing how US population has changed in states since the late 1700’s.