February 23-26, 2014
Loews Annapolis Hotel
Annapolis, MD

Final Attendee List

Monday, February 24, 2014

State Activities Session:
New Wisconsin Information Sharing Efforts - Chris Diller (WI)
Broadband Access for Schools in Wyoming - Mapping the Progress - Karen Rogers (WY)
Osprey Dashboard, iMap LiDAR Library, iMap Data Catalog - Barney Krucoff (MD)
First Take: Open Data Portal and Utah's State Geographic Information Database - Bert Granberg (UT)

Concurrent Breakout Discussions:

Next Generation 9-1-1 Session:
Ed Arabas (OR), Bert Granberg (UT), Brian Crumpler (VA)

Federal Activities Session:
Update on the All Roads Network (ARNOLD) - Tom Roff, US Department of Transportation
AASHTO's Perspective on the All Roads Network - Greg Slater, Chair, Standing Committee on Planning Data Subcommittee, American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials
Building a Nationwide Address Layer for Use in Transportation Networks - James Nenaber, HERE a Nokia Business

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coordination Issues Session:
Progress on the GSS Initiative: Expanded Partnerships Lead to Improved Data Quality - Brian Timko and Lynda Liptrap, U.S. Census Bureau
Mobile Broadband Speed Test - Michael Byrne, FCC
NAIP Update - Kent Williams, Aerial Photography Field Office, USDA, Farm Service Agency
3D Elevation Program - David L. Saghy, U.S. Geological Survey, National Geospatial Program

Concurrent Breakout Sessions:
Emergency Management

Coastal Caucus Meeting
Slide Presentation

Federal Activities - Homeland Security:
Dept. of Homeland Security Geospatial Management Office Update - David Alexander, Director, Geospatial Management Office
Standardization of Position Information During Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue (CISAR) - Rick Hamilton, CGSIC Executive Secretariat, USCG Navigation Center

Doing More With Less: ArcGIS for State Government - Christian Carlson, Nikki Golding, esri
Challenges and Opportunities in Partnerships - James Meyer (AZ)
Mapping the 50 States in 2014 - Kevin Bullock, Sr., DigitalGlobe

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

State Activities Session:
State of Colorado Flood Application - Jon Gottsegen (CO) and Learon Dalby (Sanborn)
FirstNet/Broadband - Rich Reed, FirstNet
Designing a Statewide Public Safety LTE System from a First Responderís Perspective - Robert A. Lopez, P.E.; Miriam Pomilio, Kim Cloud - Delaware Dept. of Planning