February 24 - 27, 2013
Loews Annapolis Hotel
Annapolis, Maryland

Final Onsite Program

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Platinum Sponsor Workshop:
Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW) & AltaLIS: A Real World Analysis of a Geospatial Public Private Partnership That Works, Tim Crago, Vice President, North West Group and Tom Grabowski, President & CEO, The Silvacom Group

Homeland Security Workshops:
Strategic Initiatives to Support Geospatial Preparedness, Brian Crumpler, GIS Manager, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Office of Information Technology
National Guard Domestic Operations and Shared Situation Awareness, Michael A. Domingue, Lt. Col, JFHQ-NH, J5/7, National Guard

Monday, February 25, 2013

Keynote Speaker:
Location-Enabled Decision Support, Major General William N. Reddel, The Adjutant General, New Hampshire National Guard; Chair, Adjutant General Association of US (AGAUS)

State Activities:
Transcendental Geography: Historical Map Resources Unlock New Pathways to Solutions, Jim Scott (TX)
State-level Geospatial Web Services, Jacob Mundt (WI) and Bert Granberg (UT)
A Return on Investment Study of the NY Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program, Ray Faught (NY)

Federal Initiatives & Issues:
Virtual USA: What’s Next?, Dr. David Boyd, Director, Office of Interoperability and Compatibility, Dept. of Homeland Security
National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC): Building State, Regional and National Information Sharing Capabilities, Sean McSpaden (OR) - Oregon Deputy State Chief Information Officer; Chair, NISC
Telecommunications Geography: ILEC Boundary Mapping, Mike Byrne, Department of Commerce and Jerry Johnston, Department of the Interior
The National 3D Elevation Program Implementation Plan and Status Report, Larry Sugarbaker, Senior Adviser, USGS National Geospatial Program (presented by Charlie Hickman, USGS Mapping Liaison, OH & MI)

Legal Interoperability of Data:
To License or Not to License (Data), Tim De Troye (SC)
The Legal Interoperability of Data, Paul F. Uhlir, Director, Board on Research Data and Information, National Academy of Sciences

CLC Session:
Free: What Does That Really Mean?, Learon Dalby, Sanborn
Understanding Street Level Data Capture Technology, Anthony Fassero, Nokia Location and Commerce
ArcGIS for State Government, Christian Carlson, esri (NSGIC is not authorized to post this presentation)

Broadband Session:
Broadband Benefits in New York State, Bill Johnson (NY)
Beyond Broadband Mapping, Joy Paulus (WA)
Extending the Reach: Leveraging State Broadband Data, Bert Granberg (UT)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Transportation for the Nation (TFTN) Panel:
TFTN, HPMS, MAP-21 and ARNOLD, Steve Lewis, USDOT
Transportation for the Nation & MAP-21, Bryan Kelley, Virginia DOT
Maryland SHA's Centerline, Greg Slater, Maryland DOT
Centerline Unification Project, James Meyer, GISP, Arizona DOT

FirstNet Presentation and Discussion:
Oregon SLIGP, Ed Arabas (OR)
FirstNet and Maryland, Greg Urban, Maryland Deputy CIO (presentation pending receipt)

National Emergency Number Association, Kathy Liljequist, NENA
Presentation: NG9-1-1 and GIS
NENA Master Glossary of 9-1-1 Terminology

State Approaches to Addresses:
Rhode Island Statewide Site Addresses, Shane White (RI)
Colorado Statewide Address Dataset, Nathan Lowry, Colorado OIT
Oregon's Address Point Data Repository Project, Cy Smith (OR)
Maryland Addressing Project: Forging Partnerships with Local Governments, Russell Provost (MD)
Statewide Addressing Efforts in Virginia, Dan Widner, (VA)

Coastal Caucus Meeting:
Susan Fox, NOAA CSC

Alyssum Pohl, NOAA Coastal Fellow NSGIC/NACo

GIS Inventory Improvements, Bill Burgess, NSGIC Washington Liaison

GIS Organizational Models:
Moderator: Joe Sewash (NC)
Panel: Chris Diller, (WI), Bill Johnson (NY), Leland Pierce (NM), Cy Smith (OR), Jim Scott (TX), Danielle Ayan (GA)

Regional Addressing Activities, Moderator: Gene Trobia (AZ)

US Census Session:
Update on the GSS Initiative: Working with Partners for Enhanced Data Management
Moderator: Will Craig, State of Minnesota
Gregory Hanks and Stuart Irby, U.S. Census Bureau

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Mortem on the Geospatial Response to Hurricane Sandy:
NSGIC Geospatial Preparedness Committee
Moderators: Richard Butgereit (FL) and Jon Paoli (IA)
Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey--The View from the GIO, Andy Rowan (NJ)
Missouri Task Force 1: Geospatial Challenges of Hurricane Sandy 2012, Tony Spicci, (MAGIC/MO)

Cooperating on Geospatial Data Projects:
Moderators: Will Craig (MN) and Gene Trobia (AZ), Past Presidents and Co-Chairs of the NSGIC Outreach Committee
State & Federal Collaboration, NSGIC Outreach Committee
More Cooks, Less Cleanup: Maximizing (QT)/OE for Roads & Addressing, Bert Granberg (UT)
State & Federal Government Collaboration: The Indiana Perspective, Phil Worrall (IN)
Pigs, Clubs & Mushrooms, Tom Roff (USDOT-FHWA-HPMS PM)

The Future of Incident Management Information Sharing Interoperability
Moderator: Bill Burgess
This was a moderated discussion and no slides were presented.