October 27-31
Westin Crown Center
Kansas City, Missouri

Final Onsite Program Agenda

Final Attendee Roster

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Platinum Sponsor Workshop: Sanborn
Aerial Mapping Best Practices; LiDAR Best Practices; Remote Sensing Delivers Value for Local Governments
Click here to download the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) portion of the presentation

Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome - Amber Reynolds, MAGIC Consortium Chair; Ivan Weichert, NSGIC President; Tony Spicci, NSGIC Conference Chair - Missouri

Communities and Technology - From Theory to Reality - Joe Reardon, Former Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas

Coordination & Collaboration 1 - Bill Burgess, NSGIC, Moderator
Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration Efforts - Eric Sweden, National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)
Mission-Critical GIS: Integrating in the Business of Government - Nathalie Smith, ESRI
Western Governors' Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool: Mapping Fish and Wildlife Across the West - Jeff Hamerlinck (WY)

Roll Call of States/Sponsors

Three Perspectives From Past NSGIC Presidents: Depending on Where You Sit, Things Can Look Dramatically Different - Moderator: Pat Cummens (ESRI)
CIO Perspective - Stu Davis, OH
Local Government Perspective - Rick Miller, KS
Private Sector Perspective - Zsolt Nagy, NC
(no presentation files were used; discussion only)

MAP21 Update & Partnerships - Moderator: Dan Widner (VA)
ARNOLD Update - Tom Roff, FHWA
MAP21 Legislation Creates New Opportunities for Engaging Decision-Makers and the Community - Keith Hangland, HERE
Building Together: The Minnesota Shared Centerline Initiative - Dan Ross, MN
One Maryland-One Centerline Program - Erin Lesh, MDSHA
Partnerships: State Driven, Locally Owned – Jim Meyer, Arizona DOT

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MAP21, NG911 and Broadband: Leveraging Resources and Partnerships to Meet Public Safety Needs - Moderator: Gene Trobia (AZ)
Tennessee Information for Public Safety (TIPS) and NG911 - Dennis Pederson (TN)
Leveraging Projects to Develop Arizona Address and Road Network Data - Howard Ward (AZ)
Integrating Projects for Better Roads and Address Data - Kenny Miller (MD)
Leveraging Resources for a Statewide Address Repository - Ed Arabas (OR)
Panel: Dennis Pederson, Howard Ward, Kenny Miller, Ed Arabas, Dan Widner, Cheryl Benjamin, Bert Granberg, James Meyer, Steve Lewis, Tom Roff

Business Meeting 1

Update on the FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network - Thomas MacLellan, National Governors Association
(presentation not made available for distribution)

NG 9-1-1 Panel Discussion - Moderator: Kenny Miller, NSGIC President-Elect (MD)
Development of Site/Structure Address Points GIS Data for 9-1-1 - Cheryl Benjamin (NY)
Maine’s Statewide NG911 Implementation - Bob White (ME)
Updating the FGDC Thoroughfare, Landmark and Postal Address Data Standard: Lessons Learned from Implementation - Martha McCart Wells, GISP (URISA)

Update on the GSS Initiative - Moderator: Gregory Hanks, Census
Improving the Master Address File with Partner-Provided Addresses - Gregory Hanks, Craig Best (Census); Cheryl Benjamin (NY)
GSS Pilot Benefits for North Carolina - Joe Sewash (NC)

Characterizing Statewide Address Systems - Moderator: Will Craig (MN)
Survey - Nathan Lowry (CO); Russell Provost (MD)
Arkansas Master Address Program - Shelby Johnson (AR)
MassGIS Address Project - Shane White (RI) - (proxy for Christian Jacqz, MA)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Power of Collaboration - Moderator: Joy Paulus (WA)
Updates from the various organizations that partner with NSGIC:
NASCIO - Ivan Weichert
UCGIS – Jeff Hamerlinck
NGAC – Bert Granberg, Tony Spicci, Gene Trobia
URISA – Cy Smith

Technology Session 1 - Moderator: Joy Paulus (WA)
State Highlight: Technical Aspects to GIS in the Cloud - Nathan Watermeier (NE)
Oregon’s Enterprise AGOL Experience - Cy Smith (OR)
Harvesting – It’s Not Like the Old Days - Bill Burgess, NSGIC Liaison

Technology Session 2 - Moderator: Tony Spicci (MO)
How's Your Dog Food Taste? - Learon Dalby, Sanborn
Our Superpower is Scrum - Joy Paulus (WA)
api.mapserv.utah.gov - Bert Granberg (UT)

Privacy - Moderator: Will Craig (MN)
Panelists: Bert Granberg (UT), Tony Spicci (MO)

Unique and Upcoming State Broadband Activities - Moderator: Bert Granberg (UT)
West Virginia's Broadband Mapping Program’s Technical Assistance “Mini” Grants and How They Enhanced GIS at a County and Local Level - Tony Simenthal (WV)
Utah's Funding, Data Models - Bert Granberg (UT)
Broadband Rhode Island (BBRI) - Shane White (RI)

GIO Academy - Moderator: Karen Rogers (WY) for Bill Johnson (NY)
Panelists: Shelby Johnson (AR); Kenny Miller (MD); Dan Ross (MN); Jim Scott (TX); Cy Smith (OR); Ivan Weichert (KS)

Host State Activities - Moderator: Amber Reynolds (MAGIC)
Panelists: Shelby Johnson, Cy Smith, Tony Spicci and Ivan Weichert

Business Meeting 2

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coordination and Collaboration 2 - Moderator: Pat Cummens, ESRI
COGO Data Sharing Initiative - Cy Smith (OR)
Using Digital Coast for Community Hazard Mitigation Planning in Monterey County, CA - Zsolt Nagy, NSGIC Past President
Overview of the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) - Sean McSpaden (OR)
Continued Evolution of the Geospatial Liaison Network at the USGS - Allyson Jason, USGS

Special Workshop - Facilitated by Esri:
Statewide GIS Collaboration : A Tale of Two States