February 26 - 29, 2012
Loews Annapolis Hotel
Annapolis, Maryland

Final Onsite Program

Monday, February 27

Roll Call of Feds and Corporate Leadership Council Members, Randy Fusaro, US Census Bureau

NSGIC Advocacy: NextGen911 and Emergency Dispatching
National NG 911 Efforts - The FCC and NG 911, David Furth, FCC
State Efforts, Bill Johnson, State of New York
County Efforts, Ian Von Essen, Spokane County, Washington
Industry Views:
    Messaging to 911, Maryland Emergency Number Systems Board, Brian Josef, CTIA
    Public Private Partnership for Enhanced Statewide Road Network Data & Addresses, Skip Parker, Nokia (formerly NAVTEQ)     and Peter O’Rourke, NAPSG
    Public-Private Partnership for Enhanced Statewide Road Network Data - Findings from Case Study, Peter O’Rourke, NAPSG

Census Address Pilots
Census Address Summit Pilots, U.S. Census Bureau, Geography Division
Census Address Summit Pilots - New York State's Role, Bill Johnson, New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

Federal Update Session: Geospatial Platform and USGS/NEEA
Update on the Geospatial Platform, Jerry Johnston, US Environmental Protection Agency
Results of the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment, Larry Sugarbaker and Greg Snyder, US Geological Survey

Federal Update Session: Broadband
Current and Future Geospatial Initiatives Relating to Broadband at the FCC, Michael Byrne, GIO Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Tuesday, February 28

Data Sharing Panel
COGO Data Sharing Work Group
AGIC Update: Review of Arizona GIS Statutes, Gene Trobia, State of Arizona

Collaboration and Sharing
USGS Communities of Use, Dick Vraga, US Geological Survey
Achieving Efficiency Through Collaboration & Shared Applications and Templates, Pat Cummens, Christian Carlson, ESRI
Federal Update Session: National Geodetic Survey-Geodesy and GIS, Juliana Blackwell, NOAA
Federal Update Session: Library of Congress-GeoMAPP: Key Findings, Lessons Learned, and The Future of GeoArchiving, Butch Lazorchak, United States Library of Congress, and Joe Sewash, NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Federal Update Session: Homeland Security
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Activities, Steve Alness, Domestic Preparedness Branch
Department of Homeland Security Activities, David Alexander, Geospatial Management Office
FEMA: Integrating Flood Data in Core Business, Paul Rooney, FEMA
VirtualUSA, Marc Caplan, Department of Homeland Security

NSGIC Smolder Session 1
Challenges of Streaming Elevation and its Value Added Datasets, Belai Beshah, North West Group
Multi-State Cloud, Spencer Jenkins, State of Utah
Wyoming Statewide Cadastral Coordination, Jacob Mundt, State of Wyoming
King County ROI, Cy Smith, State of Oregon
National Pipeline Legislation Changes, Jim Knudson, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

NSGIC Smolder Session 2
Fill the Tool Box, Build the House, Learon Dalby, Sanborn
Imagery for the Nation (IFTN), Bill Burgess, NSGIC Washington Liaison
Augmented Reality, Brien Green, Bentley Systems, Inc.
GIS-Enabling Utah's Voter and Elections Management Database, Bert Granberg, Utah AGRC
Google Geospatial Solutions for Government, Michele Weslander Quaid, Google Enterprise (presentation not available for download)