September 9-13, 2012
Hilton Hotel
Lake Buena Vista, Florida


Final Onsite Program:

Sunday, September 9
Monday, September 10
Tuesday, September 11
Wednesday, September 12
Thursday, September 13



New Member Orientation Session


"Making Sense of Place: History Revealed with GIS" - James J. Miller, PHD, LLC Sr. Level Consultant in Archaeology, Historic Preservation and Heritage Planning

"Four Views of GIS" - Bob Austin, City of Tampa

Roll Call of States & Corporate Sponsors

"Landsat and You: A New Approach to Access the Ever-Expanding Landsat Archive" - Dr. Rachel Headley, Landsat Project, EROS Data Center

Smolder Session: Imagery for the Nation:
    "Learning from the Past: A Blueprint for a Wisconsin Aerial Imaging Program" - Jim Lacy, State of Wisconsin
    "Getting More Return From Your Investment: Modern Aerial Data Acquisition" - Tim Crago, North West Geomatics
    "Trends in Imagery Products" - Randy Mayden, Surdex
    "Creating Statewide Elevation Data" - Jason Caldwell, Sanborn
    "NSG Update" - John T. Ellingson PE RLS, NOAA's National Geodetic Survey

"Host State Activities: Geospatial Technology Use by Water Management Districts" - Axel Griner, GISP, Mapping and GIS Section Manager, Southwest Florida Water Management District; Tim Minter, GISP, GIS Enterprise Architect, South Florida Water Management District; Christine Mundy, GIS Program Coordinator, St. Johns River Water Management District
(please email kathy@stringfellowgroup.net to request Prezi files for this presentation)


Smolder Session: Technology
    "Beyond Broadband Mapping" - Will Saunders, Washington State Broadband Office
    "Cloud Solutions for Sharing Data with the Public" - Joy Paulus, State of Washington
    "Your NSDI Plumbing is Done, Now What? Engaging Executives with Knowledge" - Marten Hogeweg, Esri
    "Visualize Your World: Democratization of Geographic Data" - Jennifer Montano, Google
    "Leveraging Online Platforms for State Solutions" - Keith Hangland, NOKIA
    "Implementation of Kansas OneMap" - Ivan Weichert, State of Kansas
    "The Cloud and Structured Workflows Facilitating a Local Government SDI" - Spencer Jenkins, Utah; Michael Terner, AppGeo

2012 Annual Business Session (includes Committee Reports)

Smolder Session: State, Local and NGO Activities
    "State Boundary Defined: Opportunities & Challenges" - Dr. Timothy M. De Troye, GISP, State of South Carolina
    "Sales Tax Data Tracks Rural Economies" - Will Craig, University of Minnesota
    "GIS Integration in the State of Wyoming" - Jake Mundt, State of Wyoming

"State Clearinghouses: New Directions and Strategy" - Moderator: Bert Granberg, State of Utah
    "I Believe in URLs" - Michael Byrne, GIO, FCC
    "Clearinghouse Enhancement Initiative - WA State Geospatial Clearinghouse" - Joy Paulus, State of Washington
    "State Clearinghouse: Redux" - Bert Granberg, AGRC
    "Integrating ArcGIS Online with a State Spatial Data Clearinghouse" - Andrew Rowan, Director, NJ Office of GIS
    "Rethinking the GIS Clearinghouse" - Jennie Stapp, State of Montana, Montana State Library
    "Indiana State Clearinghouse" - Phillip Worrall, IGIC

"Broadband Session" - Bill Johnson, State of New York and Bert Granberg, State of Utah
(this was a discussion session; no presentation is available)


HIFLD Session - Moderator: Mike Ouimet, HIFLD to the Regions
    "HIFLD Update: HSIP Gold 2012" - George J. Thomas, Chief, Content & Knowledge Management, NGA

Smolder Session: Emergency Management, Moderator: Phil Worrall, State of Indiana
    "Complete the Information Picture for Disaster Planning and Recovery" - Brien Green, Bentley
    "The US Census Bureau’s OnTheMap for Emergency Management" - Robert Kimball, US Census Bureau
    "Overview of the National Guard State GIS Capability Assessment" - Chris Diller, State of Wisconsin
    "NSGIC / NAPSG Partnership Activities" - Peter O’Rourke, NAPSG; Chris Diller, State of Wisconsin

TFTN / Addressing Session, Moderator: Gene Trobia, State of Arizona
    "TFTN Status" - Tom Roff, Federal Highway Administration
    "NG9-1-1" - Tim Trainor, US Census Bureau
    "Utah's State Geographic Information Database: Address Point Activities" - Bert Granberg, State of Utah
    "Utah's State Geographic Information Database: Transportation Address Point Activities" - Bert Granberg, State of Utah
    "NGAC Address Work Group: The Need for a National Address Database" - Gene Trobia
    "Developing a Business Case for the NC Master Address Database Maintenance" - Joe Sewash, State of North Carolina
    "Statewide Geocoding Options" - Dr. Timothy M. De Troye, GISP, State of South Carolina

"FirstNet: Preparing for Public Safety Broadband" - Thomas MacLellan, Director of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Division, National Governor's Association (NGA)

NextGen911 Session - Moderator: Kenny Miller, State of Maryland
    "The Michigan ENHANCE 9-1-1 Grant Project" - Laura Blastic, Michigan
    "GIS and NG9-1-1" - Roger Hixon, National Emergency Numbers Association
    "E911 Failures: Derecho, June 29, 2012" - Kenny, Miller, Maryland

"Update on the Geographic Support System Initiative (GSS-I)" - Tim Trainor, US Census Bureau

Collaboration Activities Update: COGO, NGAC, LAG, etc… - Moderator: Ivan Weichert, State of Kansas
    "US Census Bureau GSS-I Partnership Program" - Gregory Hanks, US Census Bureau
    "Update/Upgrade to the GISCI" - Michael A. Vanhook, GISP, State of Alabama, President of GISCI
    "Findings from Baker’s NSGIC 2012 GIS Coordinators Survey" - Jim Knudson, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.
    "COGO & NGAC Update" - Tony Spicci, State of Missouri
    "VirtualUSA/RAPTOR" - Sean McSpaden, Oregon State Deputy CIO
    "Collaboration: The Key to Success in the Geospatial Community" - John Palatiello, MAPPS


Panel: "State Participation in Advancing the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP)" - Moderator: Vicki Lukas, USGS. Panelists: Larry Sugarbaker, USGS and Phillip Worrall, IN

"Evolution of Partnerships and the Geospatial Liaison Network at the USGS" - Vicki Lukas, US Geological Survey