NSGIC 2011 Annual Conference Archive

September 26-29, 2011
The Grove Hotel & Boise Centre
Boise, Idaho

Official Onsite Program

Final Attendee List

Monday, September 26th

Welcome and Opening Comments
Bill Farnsworth, Idaho Office of the CIO
Boise Song by Jewel (YouTube Video)

Unique State Activities
Statewide Digital Mapping in Alaska, Ann Johnson, Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources
New Jersey's 2011-12 Strategic Planning Process, Andy Rowan, State of New Jersey
Multi-State Cloud Presentation, Spencer Jenkins, State of Utah

Keynote Presentation

Bringing GIS into the US Senate: A Policy Maker's Tool for Balancing Constituent Interests, Tim Petty, Deputy Legislative Director, Senator James Risch, Idaho

Roll Call of States & Corporate Sponsors
Roll Call of States & Corporate Sponsors

Cool Stuff You'd Hate to Miss
Losing Time = Losing Money, Brien Breen, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Enterprise Virtual Operations Center (EVOC) Solution, Gary Truesdale, HP Enterprise Services

Tuesday, September 27th

The Census and You & the Geospatial Platform
The Census and You
    Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, US Census Bureau
    Stuart Irby, US Census Bureau
    Greg Hanks, Jr, US Census Bureau
FGDC Coordination Group Questionnaire on Agency Use of Address Data Files, Randy Fusaro, US Census Bureau
The Geospatial Platform, Jerry Johnston, US EPA

Business Meeting 1
Business Meeting, Jon Gottsegen, State of Colorado, NSGIC President

For the Nation
The National Enhanced Elevation Assessment Findings and Development of a National Program, Larry Sugarbaker, US Geological Survey
Transportation for the Nation, Steve Lewis, US DOT
North Carolina Interagency Leadership Team Multiagency Return on Investment Transportation Planning Study, Joe Sewash, State of North Carolina
TomTom Real Time Traffic Insights, TomTom Video, Jaymes Pardue, TomTom

Mapping The New York State Broadband Adoption Study, Bill Johnson, State of New York
Utah Broadband Project: Mapping Update, Bert Granberg, State of Utah
Broadband Provider Portal: An Innovative Tool for Data Validation, John Copple, The Sanborn Map Company
Improving Broadband Web Applications in the State of Connecticut Lessons Learned One Year Later, Steve Anderson, Applied Geographics

NextGen9-1-1 Issues for State GIS Representatives
Introduction to the NG9-1-1 Workgroup, Ian Von Essen, Washington State Geographic Information Council
Maryland's Use of Imagery and Centerlines to Forge Successful Partnerships within the GIS and E9-1-1 Communities, Kenny Miller, State of Maryland
New York's Use of Addressing to Forge Successful Partnerships within the GIS and E9-1-1 Communities, Bill Johnson, State of New York

Wednesday, September 28th

Host State (Idaho) Activities
State Data Steward Network for enhancing and maintaining the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US), Lisa Duarte, US Geological Survey and Angie Schmidt, Idaho Department of Fish & Game
Mapping Evapotranspiration for Water Administration in Idaho, Bill Kramber, Idaho Department of Water Resources and Dr. Richard G. Allen, University of Idaho

NSGIC Advocacy and Technology
Open Source Possibilities, Learon Dalby, speaking on behalf of State of Arkansas and Michael Terner, Applied Geographics
Mapping a New Course for Geospatial Metadata, Lynda Wayne, FGDC/GeoMaxim
Geospatial Data Sharing Work Group Progress Report, Curtis Pulford, State of Wisconsin
Major Activities Since the Midyear Meeting, Bill Burgess, Washington Liaison

Federal Homeland Security Activities Panel
Virtual USA, Dan Cotter, DHS and Bob Griffin DHS
Federal Interagency Geospatial Concept of Operations (GeoCONOPS), David Alexander, DHS and Ron Langhelm, Booz Allen Hamilton

Emergency Management: Stories from the NSGIC Crowd
West Wide Wildfire Risk Assessment, Janet Hoyt, Sanborn Map Company
Spring 2011 Floods in Mississippi Best Case Scenario Disaster, Jim Steil, State of Mississippi
A Private Company's Perspective on Emergency Response Mapping, Craig Molander, Surdex
California Delta Emergency Management Plan, Malcolm Adkins , Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Geospatial Preparedness Understanding the Dynamics of Data, Skip Parker, NAVTEQ
Arizona Wildfires and the Aftermath, Gene Trobia, State of Arizona

Thursday, September 29th

Addressing Panel
Value of Addresses Based Upon VT Experience, Dave Brotzman, State of Vermont
Address Point Data activities in Oregon, Milton Hill, State of Oregon
OSPREY Emergency Management Map,
Census Address Issues
Standards & Reality