NSGIC 2010 Annual Conference

Collaborating at the Headwaters

September 12-16, 2010
Marriott Minneapolis City Center
Minneapolis, MN

Final Attendance Roster

Final Onsite Agenda

Monday, September 12

Roll Call of States & Corporate Sponsors

Ignite Session 1: National Initiatives
Your Friend the GIS Inventory, Bill Burgess
Roles of Private Firms in Advocacy of Geospatial Programs, Craig Molander
Urban Sustainability, Sudha Maheshwari
Do We Elevate Part and Parcel, or is Image Everything? Jay Arnold
NSGIC Advocacy Agenda (TFTN), Skip Parker

Ignite Session 2: Data Access & Collaboration
Open Up Your Data!, Mike Dolbow
Fun Things to Make and Do with Geospatial Metadata, Lynda Wayne
Collaboration Made Easy With a New Platform ArcGIS.com and the Community Basemap, Martin Hogeweg
Mapping Your Information FAST, Mike Byrne
Geospatially Enabling Community Collaboration, Dave DiSera
Cadastral and ROW Data Sharing Between Mn/DOT and Local Government, Rick Morey

Tuesday, September 14

Broadband Session

State Broadband Data Development Program
Colorado Broadband Data & Development Program
Using the FCC Form 477: Benefits and Pitfalls
Partnering with Providers: Lessons Learned in New York
Broadband Verification: Space & Frontier
Virginia Broadband Mapping Efforts

Business Meeting 1
General Business Meeting
Outreach Committee
Presentation of Beta GMA Model

Ignite Session 3: Success in States
2010 Wisconsin Regional Orthophoto Consortium (WROC): The Buy Down Approach, Chris Diller
Statewide Base Map Service: How and Why? Bert Granberg
Semi-Automated Development of Address Points from LiDAR and 4-band Orthophotography, Christian Jacqz
Michigan NSDI Update, Paul Harmon

Ignite Session 4: IT Issues
Open 311, Barney Krucoff
The I in IT: GIOs Can Light the Way to Better Data Management, Gail Ewart
Campus Information Management, Brien Green

Ignite Session 5: Mobile Computing
Enterprise Field Solutions for All Spatial Information, Brien Green
Mobile Computing, Skip Parker
Mobile GPS Field Technologies and Applications, Erik Danielson

Ignite Session 6: Minnesota Programs
Coordinating GIS in Minnesota, David Arbeit
Minnesota Emergency Operations Center, John Blood
The MnGeo Emergency Preparedness Committee, Stephen Swazee
Virtual Geospatial Workshop for Emergency Response, Randy Knippel
The Minnesota Structure Collaborative Project, Michael Dolbow
Minnesota Revenue Streamlines Sales Tax, Ken Treichel
Facilities Data Integration, David Smith

Wednesday, September 15

Statewide Parcels Different Approaches
Indiana, Jim Sparks
Wisconsin, Curtis Pulford
Maryland, Kenny Miller
Montana, Stu Kirkpatrick
Cadastral Status 2010

Integrating Geospatial Into IT
Integrating Geospatial Into IT, Michael Dolbow

Ignite Session 7: Addressing 1
Official Address Points, from 140 Communities, in a Standard Format, Updated Nightly and Freely Available; Are We Nuts? Mark Kotz
Address Points Compiled from Commercial and Government Data Holdings...It is Possible? Yes. But How Do We Sustain the Product? Ed Arabas
Why Should States and Local Governments Pay Attention to the Address Standard? Isn't it Just A Lot More Work? Where's the Payoff? Martha Wells
Open Access to Address Information Facilitates a Host of Applications. OpenAddresses.org is One Way to Provide Your Addresses to the World, Learon Dalby

Ignite Session 8: Addressing 2
Implementing the New FGDC Standard for Addressing, Christian Jacqz
Addressing Adds Up, Tim De Troye
Location Services at Alaska DNR, Frank Wallis
Getting Somewhere With Integrated Street Centerline Data and Services, Bert Granberg

Keynote Presentation
GeoDesigning, Thomas Fisher, Dean, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Ignite Session 9: Emergency Management/Flooding
Use of Collaborative Web Tools for Emergency Operations GIS Support, Rob Barber-Delach
Building a State Spatial Data Infrastructure to Support Domestic Operations, Chris Diller
REAL - A Geospatial Solution for Levee Stability Assessment, Louis Demargne
A National Levee Database, Malcolm Adkins
Risk MAP Collaboration at the Floodwaters, Jeffrey Burm

Ignite Session 10: Emergency Management 2
What's Next and After Next for Geospatial Emergency Management: A Flood of New Tools and Techniques, Jay Arnold
DHS Data Exchange Partnership, Chris Darden
Geospatial Requirements for Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, Louis Demargne

Ignite Session 11: GIS in Action
Partners in Crime, The Web Services behind Identity Theft Reporting, Matt Peters
PL-94-171 Redistricting Data: Time Lines, Products and Deliveries, James Whitehorne
Upgrading Our Wetland Maps, Brian Huberty
Using Spatial Analysis to Develop a Statewide Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Mike Mahaffie
Geospatial Revolution Project, Mike Vanhook
Geospatial Revolution Website
Redistricting in a Nutshell, Richard Leadbeater

TFTN Update

Transportation for the Nation Strategic Plan Update

Thursday, September 16

Geospatial Platform

Geospatial Platform Discussion, Jerry Johnston

NAIP Program

NAIP Presentation, Shirley Hall

Ignite Session 12: Collaboration and Coordination
Demonstrating the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initative with Four key Framework Data Layers, Philip Worrall
Idaho Road Centerline Collaboration, Gail Ewart
Missouri's Collaborative Local Review and Maintenance program for Critical Structures, Tim Haithcoat
Illinois NSDI GIS Data and Standards coordination System Demonstration Project, Shelly Silch
Status and Future of USGS NGP Partnerships, Vicki Lucas
Your Role in the Next Phase of Developing the MAF/TIGER Database as a Natural Resource, Tim Trainor
Integrating GIS into Virginia.gov, Dan Widner

Data Sharing

Data Sharing: What works, What Doesn't, Lynda Wayne (GeoMaxim) and Tim De Troye (SC)